• Nicole Erika - The Ease Of CreationDo you struggle to get your projects working? Or manifesting your desires?
      • Do you long for the EASE Of Creation and wonder what your struggle is all about?
      • You do know that “no pain, no gain” is all about suffering but not ease and joy?
      • Secretly, you feel bad because desire (more) ease and joy.
      • And that “just thinking good thoughts” can’t be “it?”

I hear you! I’ve got to know this place all too well myself. Until I consciously chose to abandon the effort, struggle, and sabotage myself to try something new – The EASE of Creation.

What Is The EASE OF Creation Coaching?

Nicole Erika - The Ease Of CreationThe EASE of Creation is a tailor-made coaching program on a monthly subscription basis. It assists you in getting your creation in flow again. No matter what it is. It can be a project that’s stopped going well. Or that never got off the ground (but your heart yearns for bringing it to life). It can be about a specific area of your life where you seem stuck. (Know you never truly are!). Or you can use this coaching to create a stable flow of life. Think about a river. Ease is all about going downstream. But most of us have been taught that going upstream is more valuable. It’s not!

Session, Tools & Requirements

Nicole Erika - The Ease Of CreationIn the coaching sessions, we will look honestly at your topic and dive deep into the underlying energy that seems stuck. We connect to your innate wisdom with simple yet efficient tools and bring to light what you already know. And you always do know. Maybe you have already heard the answer to every question lies within. It’s a very true statement! It’s time to dig up your wisdom and get your life in flow again. In ease and grace.

As tools, I combine classical coaching techniques with energetic tools that might sound “woo woo” at first, but you’ll experience how fast they can work if you are willing to apply them regularly. I’m available via mail between the weekly sessions to ensure you do and for all arising questions. 

Nicole Erika - The Ease Of CreationBenefits Of Coaching

  • More understanding of yourself and what past choices and behavior have blocked you from realizing your desires 
  • More ease and flow in your life
  • Less self-sabotage (eventually ending it)
  • Applying simple yet efficient tools that help you access your wisdom will add to your ease.
  • More trust and confidence.
  • More productive use of your time and energy as life starts flowing with you, not against you. (Go downstream, not upstream.)
  • More joy and happiness in life.
  • And more.

Booking & Fee 

Nicole Erika - The Ease Of CreationThe EASE Of Creation coaching is a monthly subscription with a minimum length of one month and a maximum length of six. The monthly fee is 870 EUR (plus VAT, where applicable. If you live outside the eurozone, please use this tool to convert to your currency.)

This coaching requires an obligatory introduction call in which we discuss your situation and what you desire to change. You can apply for an introduction call via the contact form here. Please write a few lines about your situation and ensure you indicate your availability for a call. 

I am looking forward to working with you!

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