Nicole Erika - Kissing The Edge Of FreedomIn March 2023, I released my second book “Kissing The Edge Of Freedom. It is “a poetic memoir” of my awakening journey which I revisit and reflect on different aspects of my experience.

  • ISBN: 979-8374971903 (hardcover)
  • ISBN: 979-8360704782 (paperback)
  • ASIN: B0BLLPDM2Y (ebook)

Topics include:

  • Struggles with the mind (a widespread topic in Awakening)
  • The “insanity” of a so-called 3D life
  • Accepting all aspects and facets of one Self
  • Remembering love & self-love (it’s never lost – read more here)
  • The need for “cocooning.”
  • Be(ing) conscious(ness)
  • Finding Freedom
  • And more

This book marks the end of my life phase that I call the “Awakening journey.” Everything I wanted to share about Awakening, you’ll find in this book. May it be written overtly in words or “covertly” in energy. Read the poems in any order as you resonate. Feel into them. It’s all there. Nothing to add. Nothing to teach. Nothing to consult or coach.


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Nicole Erika - Kissing The Edge Of FreedomKissing The Edge Of Freedom will be out on March 23, 2023, and you can already pre-order the ebook version.

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