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  • Nicole Erika - Haiku About Abundance
    Dear Friends, I AM a bit quiet at the moment. And if you follow me on Instagram, you already know I have taken some “off-time.” I do this regularly to reflect on specific topics in my life. It’s also a time in which I don’t write. Some of you already know I don’t believe in “writer’s block” but in “conscious creative breaks.” And then again, are we ever NOT creative? A Bit Of My Story
  • Nicole Erika - Haiku About Trees
    Are you on Instagram? If so, please follow. Today, let’s have a closer look at trees and haiku about trees. I love trees a lot. I have fond memories of being out in the forest with my parents almost every Sunday. No matter the weather or season. I vividly remember new buds blossoming, the refreshing shadows in summer, and the barren branches in winter. For me, trees are great and inspiring storytellers. If you care
  • Nicole Erika - Haiku About Love
    Love is the prominent topic of life and – of course – of all poetry. And, while haikus are about nature, they can also be about the nature of love. They often do borderline senryu which is more about human nature. It’s a topic where the lines blur. And then again, who cares other than a restless mind? Below are six haiku about love I have written over the past year. Enjoy the reading pleasure.
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