Welcome to A Month Of Wisdom. Before you read on, please take a moment and answer the following questions:

      • Do you have recurring events in your life?

      • Do you wonder what it is all about?

      • Are you sick and tired of your experiential hamster wheel?

      • But you do not know how to get off?

      • And all the approaches to change you have already tried are taking way too long?

Wisdom – The Missing Piece Of Change

The missing piece to ending (seemingly) unwanted experiences once and for all is wisdom and making a conscious choice for a new direction. Sounds all too simple? I know. I’ve been there in that situation. And while I have taken a different route to reconnect to my wisdom (read more here), I always knew there was a shorter way.

Later, I developed A Month Of Wisdom to teach you how you can do it, too.

What Is A Month Of Wisdom?

Nicole Erika - A Month Of Wisdom
From my book Kissing The Edge Of Freedom

A Month Of Wisdom is a 4-week coaching program with weekly sessions and in-between email support. During this time, we will dive deep into a topic of your life you want to change. We do so by connecting to your wisdom. Maybe you have already heard that every answer lies within. And this is true! More importantly, it’s your answer to your question based on your experiences. This month of working together is not about theoretical knowledge but a practical application of changing an ongoing experience with the support of energy and consciousness. Again, your energy and your consciousness. You already know how to travel the road of change. You just have forgotten. That’s fine. Most of us did. 

Tools & Requirements

As tools, I combine classical coaching techniques with energetic tools that might sound “woo woo” at first, but you’ll experience how fast they can work if you are willing to apply them regularly. And that might be the crux. Many people have sold us instant manifestations and life changing overnight. In most cases, it’s not how change works. And yes, we all know the story of that one person it happened to. However, this is not the norm (yet.) And there’s nothing wrong with that. Most of us are here on Earth to witness the slow creation process in matter. We can speed up things later. And we will. 🙂

So, what I need from you is an open mind and the willingness to try new things. 

Nicole Erika - A Month Of WisdomBenefits Of A Month Of Wisdom

  • More understanding of your past and current experiences. You know why things happened the way they happened. And you can change them now.
  • Applying simple yet efficient tools you can gather more and more of your wisdom and start shaping your life according to your desires.
  • More trust and confidence in yourself.
  • More focus on what is important for you.
  • More productive use of your time and energy as life starts flowing with you, not against you.
  • More ease, joy, and happiness.
  • and more.

Booking & Fee 

You can book A Month Of Wisdom via the contact form here. If you have questions, please ask them in the form, too. We can also have a quick chat if you feel insecure if this program is right for you.

The fee for the program is 870 EUR (plus VAT, where applicable.) If you are outside the Eurozone, please use this tool to convert to your currency.

I am looking forward to working with you!

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