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Breathing Ease – A Simple Tool To Enhance Well-Being

Nicole Erika - Breathing Ease

Breathing Ease – Free Exercise

Nicole Erika - Breathing Ease
The Breathing Ease exercise can be deepened with the help of being in nature. Give it a try.

Welcome to one of the most accessible and brilliant tools you always have available – your breath! Unfortunately, many don’t breathe as deeply as recommended. If your breath is relatively shallow, you deprive your precious body of oxygen. Consequently, you may often feel tired and have the feeling of lacking energy. In time, your whole body may be affected. (Read more here.)
The tumoultuous times can be very challenging, even stressful and overwhelming. Breathing Ease supports over-active minds to find some rest. With regular practice, you will find that this tool and allowing and accepting a situation as it is (with knowing the change you can contribute), beneficial consciousness shifts can happen.
You will also find that creative solutions to your life situations come to the forefront. Sometimes seemingly out of the blue.

Please use this Breathing Ease guide as a starting point to develop your new routine. You can’t do anything wrong. And if you have questions, send me a mail here.

Let’s Start!

  1. Turn off all distractions. Find a comfortable space to sit or lie down. If you prefer to sit, please take care that you sit upright and that both feet are firmly on the ground. Relax your shoulders. If you lie on a bed or couch, stretch out and relax. If you freeze quickly, make sure to cover yourself with a blanket.
  2. Now, get very present with your body. Feel into your toes. Your feet. Your legs. Then your hips. Feel your belly and then move up to your heart. Feel your shoulders and arms, your head. Get very present with every part of your body. If thoughts and judgments about your body come up, let them go. Let them pass through. And if you feel they still stick around, firmly send them away.
  3. When you are fully present with your whole body, exhale first. And yes, that’s right. Every Breathing Ease session starts with a deep, conscious exhale. Imagine that you want to get rid of old stuff. Throw it out – exhale!
  4. And now, take a deep inhale. Feel your breath flowing into your body. To support the experience, put your hands on your belly and feel your body move. Then, exhale slowly. To support the experience, imagine ease and joy flowing into your body.
  5. Continue inhaling and exhaling. Deep, slow, and gentle in a constant rhythm. Feel how the breath moves through your body. Inhale – exhale – inhale – exhale. Try to inhale a bit deeper every time you take a new breath. But don’t force yourself. No effort is needed. It’s all about ease.
  6. Continue this exercise as long as you feel comfortable. Again, don’t force yourself!

In the beginning, you might be tired or bored after a some minutes. And that’s fine! However, try to Breathing Ease your new daily habit until you notice that you’re breathing deeply again in (almost) all situations.

Here Comes A Bonus Tip

If you feel you have no time for this deep breathing exercise or you are in a situation in which you need a “quick fix, “try this:

Yawn loud and deeply! Stretch your body while you yawn. With this little trick, you immediately get oxygen into your body. Try it!

Enjoy the experience!
Nicole Erika

Nicole Erika

Nicole Erika is a self-realized writer and coach who reminds you of the Ease Of Creation and the Joy of Self-Expression.

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