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3 Tips To Create More Ease In Troubled Times

Nicole Erika - 3 Tips To Create More Ease

The last year has been anything but easy for many of us. Will 2024 be better? We don’t know yet. There are a couple of things we can’t change. This world undergoes a profound transformation and will last for a while. However, there is something we can change at any time. Ourselves and how we respond to events in our lives. If the world gets rough, it’s time to create more ease.

Today, I share three tips you can start implementing right away. Or intensify them if you have already started. Let’s start.

Create More Ease Tool 1 – Deep Breathing

Nicole Erika - 3 Tips To Create More Ease
Pro-Tip To Create More Ease: Combine deep breathing with a walk in nature.

Deep breathing is the simplest yet most underrated tool to create more ease right away. I have a long history of neglecting this tool. I’ll keep the full story for another day. For now, know that I always believed that breathing works by itself (it does!) and that I don’t have to care about anything (wrong!). The truth is that in our hectic lifetime, most of us breathe way too flat. This results in not pumping enough oxygen into our precious bodies. In time, it can cause various problems. When stressed, we breathe even flatter. This results in getting even less oxygen and life energy when you need more of it.
So, it’s time to break the cycle and start your deep breathing routine. You don’t have to make it a serious exercise. Keep it playful, not forceful. Here’s a fun tool, I learned when I did my certificate as a teacher for deep breathing. Ready?


Whaaat? Yes, yawn loud and deeply. You automatically breathe deeply. If you like stretch your body, too. It’s a quick way to get more oxygen into your body. Hint: Many people feel irritated if somebody yawns deeply. You might prefer a private space. Or you choose to irritate people on purpose. 🙂
A free exercise you can find here. If you need more info or assistance developing your new deep breathing routine, email me here.

Create More Ease Tool 2 – Stop Worrying!

Stressful times keep us locked in our minds. And, before you know it, you will turn into an overthinker. How do I know? I was one. And I know many others are, too. Thinking everything through has become a virtue of modern societies. But there’s no need to think everything through. What if this was not the best way to get where you want to be? What if we don’t have to plan out every single step to success? Do you know why we tend to plan so much? Because we worry the whole friggin’ time! We worry so much that we don’t even notice anymore! Even worse, it has been made normal.
Let me tell you this. Worrying doesn’t get you brownie points. And it certainly doesn’t create more ease in your life. It’s safe to stop this game right now. Don’t plan to stop. Just stop. Make a choice. Yes, it’s a bold choice. I know.
By the way, there’s a fantastic book by Dale Carnegie called How to Stop Worrying and Start Living. (More info here.) Believe him if you don’t believe me. It’s eye-opening and can be life-changing.

Create More Ease Tool 3 -Radical Presence

One of my other favorite tools is radical presence. Usually, this tool isn’t love at first sight. There are many things we no longer want to see in this world. Trust me, running from unwanted things doesn’t get you any further.
After my spiritual awakening, I met many people who stopped watching the news or refused to “let anything negative into their lives.” These people ran away from everything they labeled “negative.” Now, here’s the catch. The more you focus on running from the negative, the more negative stuff will find you and pop up in your life. Ever tried the Law Of Attraction? The most prominent experience of the Law goes like this: Wish for something. => Don’t release the negative feelings => Sh*t hits the fan. => Discouragement => Law Of Attraction doesn’t work. It does, but you have to find ways to be radically present with ALL your feelings and emotions first. And then find ways to release them. How? Here comes my

BONUS TIP – Energy Clearing

Pretty much everything on this planet is energy. Yup, just energy. Your body, your mind, your emotions, your feelings. Everything – but YOU. You are consciousness. Energy responds to consciousness. In other words, energy responds to YOU!
And here comes the magic trick. Thought energy can be changed. Emotional energy can be changed easily. So, the next time you want to create more ease the next time and feel nothing of the above seems to work, use this sentence.


It works like a magic wand and dissolves stuck energy, no matter what the stuck energy is. It goes back to neutral. And it’s the neutral that creates more ease right away. It dissipates the thick thought energy no matter the situation. Try it the next time you feel stuck. (Hint: I will prepare a couple of free energy clearing loops over the next weeks and months. Sign up for the newsletter here to get them deliverd into your inbox.)

And if you have questions or need more information, you can always email me here.

That’s all for today. Have fun playing with the tools.


Nicole Erika

Nicole Erika is a self-realized writer and coach who reminds you of the Ease Of Creation and the Joy of Self-Expression.

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