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Silence not so silent – Or A Song Suggestion For You

Nicole Erika - Silence - silent

Dear Friends,

Today, I’ll leave you without a haiku. Or a senryu, for that matter. Instead, I share a song suggestion. Ruhe (Silence) by Schiller. Not so silent, though.

Schiller – Ruhe (Silence/silent)

The lyrics are below the video.


Nicole Erika - silent

Ruhe, das höchste Glück auf Erden,
Kommt sehr oft nur durch Einsamkeit in das Herz.

Die Liebe kennt nichts,
Sie kennt weder Tür noch Riegel
Und dringt durch alles sich.
Sie ist von Anbeginn,
Schlug ewig ihre Flügel
Und wird sie schlagen – ewiglich

I intentionally leave you without a translation, but I invite you to feel the song and the energy beyond the words and music. If you do, you’ll realize that the translation will fall flat. (And if you insist. Okay, okay, use this tool.


P.S. I think I will post more music in the future. Song suggestions about ease and silence are welcome. Send me a message here if you like. Thank you!


Nicole Erika

Nicole Erika is a self-realized writer and coach who reminds you of the Ease Of Creation and the Joy of Self-Expression.

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