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3 Haiku About New Year & Outlook For 2024

Nicole Erika - Haiku About New Year

Dear Friends,

Nicole Erika - Haiku About New Year
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Deliberately late, I am sending this newsletter. Today is January 6, and I notice that the freshness of the new year is already forgotten by many. They are back in their routines. Tomorrow is like yesterday, and their minds are somewhere else. The below haiku(s) are a great possibility to get you back into the NOW and invite you to set new intentions. (Not resolutions. They hardly ever work. Better intent. Even better, dream!)

So, let’s start.

3 Haiku About New Year

New Year’s beginning
firecrackers shoot in the sky –
every spark a dream

New Year’s intention:
may love, joy, and happiness
always be with you

In New Year’s moonlight
a cat tiptoes on a roof
leaving a sole trace

Outlook For 2024

Nicole Erika - Haiku About New Year

I hope you enjoyed the haiku about New Year. And there is more: For 2024, I plan to expand this website from “my writings only” to a stress management/prevention treasure chest. Many of you won’t know I am a certified coach in this area. But, as a decent coach should do, I wanted to look at “my stuff” first before I coach others.


Currently, I am developing a program that – besides highly energetic stress management techniques – will include three components I missed during my education (and then found in other ways) that make stress management more enjoyable. These elements include

  • (self)love
  • creativity
  • laughter

Stay curious! More news is coming soon. And there will be a new haiku booking coming. As it will take a while, check my first book here. In case you already know it, tell others about it. New reviews are always welcome, too.

Happy New Year!


Nicole Erika

Nicole Erika is a self-realized writer and coach who reminds you of the Ease Of Creation and the Joy of Self-Expression.

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