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3 Healing Haiku For Christmas

Nicole Erika - Haiku For Christmas

Dear Friends,

Today’s post is a bit different. Haiku for Christmas? Wait, they are Japanese. Do they even

Nicole Erika - Haiku For Christmas
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celebrate Christmas? Well, some do. And healing? Yes! These crazy times need healing. They ARE about healing, even if it looks different on the surface. But you can’t cure “dis-eases” you are not aware of. That’s why they are at the world’s center right now.

Every year, Christmas challenges my healing process. The story we got fed when growing up is far from anything I’d call truth. It’s a total fabrication. But the essence sits right – especially these times. It’s about love. It’s even more about compassion. Something that was very much lacking in my family. But isn’t it for us to make a difference?

So, here we go! Today, there are only three. (Holy Trinity, you know? :-))

Haiku For Christmas

compassion creates
bridges we will never see
but walk so often

it’s Christmas Evening
all lights shine in subtle grace
the world goes quiet

Christed days ahead
it is time to heal our wounds
by being all love

Merry Christmas Everyone!


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