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5 New Haiku About Forgiveness And A Personal Story

Nicole Erika - Haiku About Forgiveness

Dear Friends,

Today, I share haiku on a very different topic. It’s nothing about nature. Well, not the biological nature. More the human one. And yes, I should call them senryu, but I preferred to call them haiku about forgiveness. I no longer make a distinction between haiku and senryu. They are equally valuable to me.

And I Have A Story To Share

Rewind 10 Years

A decade ago, around this time in December, I was attending a seminar about energy healing. For years, I felt that my life held for more than “just being a headhunter.” And finally, I listened. I registered for a week-long seminar that should have set the basis for being an energy healer.

Nicole Erika - Haiku About Forgiveness
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As always, everything came differently than expected. Yes, I visited the seminar. But instead of learning something new, I was reminded of what I already knew – without knowing. I was sitting there learning old things – literally. Instead of making notes, I crystallized my knowledge and found shortcuts to almost every method taught. And my methods worked. And then, during a break, I found out why I was attending the seminar. It was about “meeting” a book. The first I read about forgiveness.

I told my teacher that forgiveness was the most important thing to learn in our lifetimes. He rolled his eyes. Then he said: I don’t think so. But I followed my instincts and read into the topic. Shortly after, I found Ho’oponopono – a Hawaiian healing method of forgiveness. I used it on myself and with the few healing clients I had back then.

Fast Forward To Today

Nicole Erika - Haiku About ForgivenessAfter the seminar, my awakening journey went on full speed. And a decade later, I’m sitting here with a cup of coffee and reflecting on this scene. I am much wiser now. I know I was right. It doesn’t make my teacher wrong. He was at a different point on his soul path. That’s fine. So, I sat down and wrote some brand-new haiku about forgiveness, which I share with you now.

And there is more to come. Another day… 😉

Haiku About Forgiveness

many don’t know
to forgive means to let go
and never look back

age-old wisdom says
forgiveness means to give forth
from soul to human

the bird on my sill
holds a little olive branch –
time for forgiveness

those who love themselves
always forgive easily –
their heart is open

to BE in this world
change the path you’re walking on –
forgive yourself – love

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