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5 Encouraging Haiku About Abundance

Nicole Erika - Haiku About Abundance

Dear Friends,

I AM a bit quiet at the moment. And if you follow me on Instagram, you already know I have taken some “off-time.” I do this regularly to reflect on specific topics in my life. It’s also a time in which I don’t write. Some of you already know I don’t believe in “writer’s block” but in “conscious creative breaks.” And then again, are we ever NOT creative?

A Bit Of My Story

Nicole Erika - Haiku About Abundance
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Today, I bring you a topic that many struggle with – abundance. I made no difference. I grew up with a mother who constantly worried about money and a father who didn’t. Ever. And then there was me – thrown back and forth and inheriting every belief system you can think of. To cut a long story short – I could write whole books about money and abundance. And belief systems about wealth and prosperity. Instead, I wrote haiku about abundance as an encouragement for me. And now I share them with you. I know they won’t fix anything. But maybe one or the other invites you to reflect and make another choice. One that is more rewarding for you.

Haiku About Abundance

liquid gold
flows across the sky –

my chestnut blossoms
in white and pink abundance –
the heart sings in joy

look at the rainbow –
a portal to abundance
if you choose it so

it’s harvesting time –
I’m collecting all the fruits
from achievements past

red koi carps circle
in my magical fountain –
prompting abundance


Nicole Erika - Haiku About Abundance
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Today, I even share a bonus haiku about abundance. And yes, it’s really how it happened. I was on a long walk in a nearby forest when suddenly, chestnuts pattered on my head. A wake-up call of a different kind. 🙂

a walk in late fall
chestnuts falling onto my head –
sudden abundance

A final spoiler alert

Finally, I realized that all abundance (and that is not only money!) is about receiving yourself. Or your Self. For questions, you can always mail me here.

Have a wonderful day!


Nicole Erika

Nicole Erika is a self-realized writer and coach who reminds you of the Ease Of Creation and the Joy of Self-Expression.

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