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5 Inspiring Haiku About Trees

Nicole Erika - Haiku About Trees
Nicole Erika - Haiku About Trees
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Today, let’s have a closer look at trees and haiku about trees. I love trees a lot. I have fond memories of being out in the forest with my parents almost every Sunday. No matter the weather or season. I vividly remember new buds blossoming, the refreshing shadows in summer, and the barren branches in winter. For me, trees are great and inspiring storytellers. If you care to listen.

Earlier this week, I was out in a huge park. To my delight, many trees were still in full color. Just look at the one by the side. Immediately, I fell in love with trees all over again. So, I decided to write my next blog post about trees. And here we go.

Haiku About Trees

proud tree in the snow –
I wonder why he stands tall
and why humans don’t

low hanging pine cones
musical notes of the trees –
silent melody

nightly storm in spring
the trees dance with windy songs –
I wrestle with dreams

first hot summer rain –
the trees emanate a scent
I almost forgot

on my daily walk
magical trees in color
autumn fashion show

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Nicole Erika

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