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Love is the prominent topic of life and – of course – of all poetry. And, while haikus are about nature, they can also be about the nature of love. They often do borderline senryu which is more about human nature. It’s a topic where the lines blur. And then again, who cares other than a restless mind?

Below are six haiku about love I have written over the past year. Enjoy the reading pleasure. For questions, you can send me an e-mail here.

Haiku About Love

a soft spring shower
sprinkles on a budding rose –
volant scent of love

while the heart moves on
she doesn’t hold onto regrets –
love ever persists

cream colored marble
a statue of ancient love
to last forever

the love of yourself
is always available –
do you dare to feel?

picturesque dreamscapes
dotted by the love of souls
few do remember

breathing into love
is breathing right into you –
can you allow it?

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Nicole Erika

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