My Garden Haiku Book Celebrates Birthday!

Nicole Erika - Garden Haiku Book

Dear Friends,

Nicole Erika - Garden Haiku Book Celebrates BirthdayMy garden haiku book celebrates its first birthday. Yes, it’s already a year ago that I published “Haiku From The Garden Of Wisdom.” In a way, it was making my childhood dream come true. Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to write books. I didn’t care much what kind of books. I just wanted to write and tell stories. The love for haiku came much later when I was in university. And the first haiku I ever read was not Basho’s famous one of a frog jumping in the pond. It wasn’t from Japan, either.

I’ll share it with you:

Es mar la noche negra;
la nube es una concha;
la luna es una perla.

The author is Juan José Tablada. One of my favorite poets. You can read more of his haiku here. It reads: The black night is the sea / the cloud is a shell / the moon is a pearl. I love it because it shows how everything is connected. When I first read this haiku, I knew I had to write them, too. And, even though I published (German) haiku here and there in the following years, I never could have imagined writing a garden haiku book many years later. Still, it happened. Even more, it opened doors to more haiku books. And, if you read my last post, I am working on a second haiku book. (More info here.) It never ceases to baffle me how much you can share in 17 syllables only. I sometimes say 17 syllables can hold whole universes.

More Reflections

Nicole Erika - Garden Haiku Book Celebrates BirthdayAnd while my garden haiku book certainly wasn’t a bestseller, I am happy that it sold and made people happy. I heard some integrated my haiku into their meditation practice. I love that! I always thought about combining haiku and meditation, but I haven’t found the perfect solution yet. (If you have ideas, please let me know here.) I heard from readers who have never read any haiku before. People who weren’t even interested in poetry. It makes my heart sing that my little book could open hearts to poetry. I’m grateful for these reactions. They help me on the days when no new haiku wants to visit me and get penned down. Thank you!

Where To Get My Garden Haiku Book

Nicole Erika - Haiku From The Garden Of Wisdom - Hardcover Version
Order my book here.

If you haven’t read my book yet, I kindly invite you to do it now. You can find it on all Amazon Marketplaces. To make things easier, here are some links:

If you have read my book, you might consider leaving a review on Amazon and Goodreads. Unfortunately, people rely a lot on other people’s opinions rather than trusting their intuition. Thus, every review is very, very helpful. Thank you!

And that’s all for today. Let’s celebrate!

Lots of love,

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