A New Book Full Of… City Haiku

Nicole Erika - New City Haiku Book Coming

Dear friends,

Nicole Erika - New City Haiku Book ComingAs recently teased, I am working on a new haiku book – a city haiku book. Wait! What? Yes, you read correctly.
I know. It’s very different from my first book, where I visited a private garden. (More info here, purchase here.) And then again, I love the contrast. And I love cities! Maybe because I grew up in a small town and always longed for big cities. Later, I visited many of them.
To my surprise, city haiku don’t play a big role in the haiku literature. Why? There is so much to discover. So, I thought I’d change that.

City Haiku – Observed & Experienced… LIVE

Nicole Erika - New City Haiku Book ComingAnd something else is different. In my first haiku book, I was drawing from my personal experience. In the upcoming book, I am the observer. It’s not about me anymore. It’s about the world. A world in change, seen through the lens of an awakening city. (And I’m having goosebumps writing this.) I already have the title and many haiku written. Also, I recently got up very, very early to have a walk in an awakening city. I was fascinated by what I witnessed and wrote haiku left, right, and center.
Now, it’s time to sit down and sort them. Feel into their energy. Choose what else there is to be added or left out. There is no publication date yet, but I will keep you posted.
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That’s all for today!


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