Nicole Erika - My Wounds - new tanka

Dear friends,

Today, I come to you with a new tanka.

Nicole Erika - my wounds (new tanka)
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And here comes the background story. Lately, I experienced a strange series of wounds that wouldn’t close. I know it’s not an exciting topic. But stay with me for one more moment. So, whatever I did, nothing helped. It got even worse, even with a balm that was supposed to assist the healing process. It did the opposite. Everything got worse.

This morning, I finally got it. It was time to let go of all my wounds. Yes, ALL of them. No matter if they were from childhood, workspace, mental and emotional ones, or the very physical ones I have now. And, woosh… so I did – just like that.

I always say: You’re ready when you’re ready. Seems like today was my day.

And Here Comes The New Tanka

I close all my wounds
to let them heal undisturbed –
my part here is done

maybe they will leave a scar
but I will wear them with pride


Now, what can you let go of today? Let me know here.

Nicole Erika

Nicole Erika is a self-realized writer and coach who reminds you of the Ease Of Creation and the Joy of Self-Expression.

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