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Nicole Erika - Free-verse poetryI started writing poetry at the age of thirteen. First rhymed and then free-verse poetry. I love the freedom of expressing myself without restriction. My topics range from self-discovery (especially after awakening) to overcoming challenges, letting go of the past, and more. And, of course, love in all variations.

Find below a (growing) selection of poems. More you can find more in my latest book Kissing The Edge of Freedom (more info here and available here – and every other Amazon Marketplace).

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A Selection Of Free-Verse Poetry

loving myself

loving myself
beyond shame
without guilt

is all I am
asking for

no longer
feel selfish
for what is


new aurora

another night goes by
you’re not here with me
to see the beauty
that we are

immersed in ourselves
in a new dimension
you prefer to be absent
only you know why

maybe you’re a bit like me
full of passion but stubborn
enjoying new-found love
with yourself first

I don’t blame you
for not showing up again
I just wish you’d been here
to see this new aurora


what once was
hidden in darkness

won’t stay
much longer
in silence

it will raise
it will shine

and there is nothing
you can be or do

sit back and watch


chains of commitment

silence calls my name
in a dream full of nightmares –
when will we unite?

I’m a yeoman still
to chains of my commitment
I refuse to break

maybe one day soon
I’ll realize I made them
out of fear of you


embrace yourself
all that you are

the things you love
the things you hate
the things you are
unsure about

embrace yourself
in all your brilliance
with all your flaws
as there are none

there’s only you
in experience
of yourself



here I go again

you’re waiting for me
at the doorless door
I buried deep
inside of me

waiting patiently
probing incessantly
how am I doing
this time and time again?

what happened to guilt?
what about shame?
am I ready
to let go?

there’s a feeling
I don’t yet know
there is a light
I still can feel

was it always here?
was it ever gone?
I can’t stop wondering
as I cross the threshold

and the dragon steps aside

just words

words scurry by
I no longer own them
nor do I want to

I let go
of everything heavy

I no longer
burden my Self
for experiences

the past is gone
the future’s not here

it no longer matters
always and forever


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Nicole Erika

Nicole Erika is a self-realized writer and coach who reminds you of the Ease Of Creation and the Joy of Self-Expression.

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