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Nicole Erika - Haiku And SenryuOn this page, you will find some of my haiku and senryu. In case you have never heard of haiku, here is some information.

  • It’s originally a Japanese poetic form from the 17th century and has traveled the world since. I discovered this poetic form while studying Latin American literature. Haiku play a significant role in modernismo.
  • It has three lines and 17 syllables only. In its origin, these 17 syllables were sounds. Today, a haiku can be even shorter than 17 syllables.
  • It’s written in the present and from an observing point of view
  • It often has a seasonal reference or a seasonal word (jap. kigo)
  • It has a “sister form” called senryu which is more personal, emotional, or abstract.
  • Sometimes you will find haiku written in one line, a so-called monoku.

More on haiku and senryu you can read here.

A Selection of Haiku And Senryu

fresh snow
I leave my trace
until tomorrow


shift your perspective
most things are not what they seem
nor what they pretend


luscious flower beds
stretch across my garden space –
my heart buds open


guilty shadows hang
beneath the clouds of presence –
tomorrow they’re past


as rose buds open
I cherish a butterfly
for its sheer beauty


strolling leisurely
on Saturday’s farm market –
a xenial spice



as you open up –
all your thoughts turn to crystals
more precious than gold


processing grief –
a constant walk on eggshells
crumbling even more


stop fearing yourself –
Life itself doesn’t go extinct
it may transform, though


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