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A Diary Of Memories (Haibun)

Nicole Erika - A Diary Of Memories (Haibun)

A Diary Of Memories

Nicole Erika - A Diary Of Memories (Haibun)

Humanity keeps a diary of memories that it calls history. Even if these memories are not recorded in writing, they are palpable everywhere. First and foremost, in the mind. 

A story has happened. So it must be true. But it might not. The mind does not know the difference between “true” and “false.” It only has an opinion about it. This opinion is rarely formed on experiences but taken on from others. 

There is a collective field of conventions. It’s not visible, but it’s there. It has manifested in how we have shaped our societies. What does not fit the frame of conventions is unusual at best or a lie at worst – even if that is not the case.

What is the truth is often so simple that it is dismissed as “too simple.” But it still is the truth. And the mind does not know that. It does not even know that it does not know it. Because “being ignorant” and “being taken for stupid” are dangers it cannot allow to manifest. 

eternal questions
what is truth – what is a lie?
the mind does not know


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Nicole Erika

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