3 Poems In the Brand-New “Hidden In Childhood” Anthology!

Hidden In Childhood - Poetry Anthology

Hidden In Childhood” is the name of a brand-new poetry anthology that just entered the Amazon charts! And I have the pleasure of being part of it. The book is curated and edited by Gabriela Marie Milton, an Amazon bestseller and Literary Revelations publishing house owner.

The book features 150 poets who were courageous enough to dive back into their childhood. And let’s be honest; it has not always been pretty for some of us. It was a topic I never wanted to deal with in my life – ever again.


So Why AM I Part Of This Anthology?

Hidden In Childhood - What's Behind The Door For Forgetfulness?When I read the “Hidden In Childhood” call for submission, I didn’t want to be a part of the anthology. And, as always, there is a story behind it. Mine is the following: By age 40, while testing an exercise for a stress management program, I discovered that I had forgotten most of my childhood. Now, this sounds pretty incredible, but it was exactly that. I could remember going to school, having a made my high-school degree, and some other things. But that was it. Nothing else. No good, no bad, no ugly. For some reason, I did not freak over my partial amnesia but got curious. I quickly figured that I must have buried a lot of trauma. And that, in fact, was the case. While I managed to neutralize the trauma in the following years. Or so I thought. My heart sank when I read the “Hidden In Childhood” call. On the one hand, I wanted to be part of it; on the other, I didn’t want to dive into my childhood all over again.


Diving Within Requires Courage

Hidden In Childhood - Poetry AnthologyMaybe you have already heard that diving within requires courage. I never believed in this saying, but the anthology made me reconsider. As the wish to be part of “Hidden In Childhood” was bigger than the fear of looking at everything again, I sat down one day and started to write. As the structure of haiku and tanka are always great friends in times my mind goes haywire, the choice of dedicating myself to Japanese poetic forms came easily. But what should I write? The first tries were rather depressing. It was too dark for my taste. The poems were nothing I wanted to send. And I felt deeper: What was the one part that held my conflicted family together – even in the most troubled times? It was laughter! So I wrote a haiku about laughter. It’s called “Family Dinner,” and it’s part of the book. And then I remembered my grandmother’s garden. And quickly, a tanka emerged. It’s called “Garden Time.” It’s also part of the book. Yes, my grandmother’s garden again. If you have read my book “Haiku From The Garden Of Wisdom (available here), you’ll remember that I dedicated the whole book to her and her garden. And there’s another haiku for you to discover.

And then more poems poured out of me. It was like a river of memories. Some I penned down, others I didn’t. It didn’t matter anymore. Whatever was left of my childhood and wanted to be expressed flew out, and finally, I was at peace. The childhood chapter was closed for good. Not because there is anything good or bad. I have moved on. I am not my past. It doesn’t define who I am. They are stories, and I’ll better write some new ones.


Hidden In Childhood – Order Links

Hidden In Childhood - Poetry AnthologyIf you want to read my poems and get to know many other amazing poets from around the globe, you should purchase the book! As you are here, you know poetry is far from dead! For your ease, I have collected some order links:

If you have questions or have experienced a similar story like mine and wish to share, feel free to reach out here.

Last, a big THANK YOU and lots of gratitude to Gabriela Marie Milton, who brought “Hidden In Childhood” to life. If you wish to find out more about her and her work, follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Lots of Love,
Nicole Erika


Nicole Erika

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