My New Poetry Collection Will Be Out In March 2023!

Dear friends,

Nicole Erika - Second Poetry Collection Underways!My new poetry collection is underway, and I decided it will be birthed on March 23, 2023! Kissing The Edge Of Freedom is a collection of free-verse poetry. Nope, no haiku this time!

This book’s journey unexpectedly started in 2019 when I wrote the poem “emergence” (read here). At that time, I was traveling Budapest, and after a long time and many experiences I couldn’t quite put into words, writing started to flow again. Soon after, “loving myself” followed. (You can also read it here.) At that time, I had no idea that these two poems would lay the basis for a book to be published years later.


Themes Of The Poetry Collection

Nicole Erika - Second Poetry Collection Underways!As you know, wisdom and self-love are dear to my heart, so expect some more poems. But there are other themes, too. Everybody on an awakening journey knows it can sometimes be a rut. Not only will you ask yourself if you have gone crazy, but you will also fight the loss of identity. (Until you find the relief of no longer living “in an identity box.”) There are parts and pieces of yourself (so-called aspects) that call out, and you wonder where they came from. And suddenly, you’ll find yourself in power struggles – with yourself. You struggle with suppressed emotions. And more.

The Emotional Rollercoaster Of Awakening & Beyond

Nicole Erika - Second Poetry Collection Underways!The poetry collection will be uplifting in some parts and intense in others. Like an awakening journey, I will take you on all the emotions and show you that you are not alone. Because you are NOT! With you are thousands and thousands on the same journey. Each in their own way. And I have decided to share more about my experiences. It will be the only book I write about my awakening experience. As much wisdom as I found on my way and as grateful as I am for my experiences, it’s a part of my past now. And releasing the book is, in a way, a closure. This said I do hope that you can relate and that the poetry collection will be helpful for you in one way or another.


Pre-Order Links

Nicole Erika - Kissing The Edge Of Freedom (Poetry Collection)The Kindle e-book is already available for pre-order. Paperback will follow. Find below the links:

If you have questions or need more upfront information, please send a mail here.

Love & Wisdom – Always!

Nicole Erika

Nicole Erika is a self-realized writer and coach who reminds you of the Ease Of Creation and the Joy of Self-Expression.

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