Haiku From The Garden Of Wisdom - Hardcover VersionIn October 2022, I published a collection of haiku and senryu in a book called “Haiku from the Garden of Wisdom.”

  • ISBN: 979-8375000039 (paperback)
  • ISBN: 979-8838644299 (hardcover)
  • ASIN: B0BKR7RZQC (ebook)

I selected 50 haiku and 50 senryu that form a dialogue between a human wandering a garden and their soul. Though you can read every haiku/senryu individually, you will quickly find that they add more layers and invite different perspectives when read together.

Open the book and start wandering the Garden Of Wisdom yourself. Marvel cherry tree’s beauty, feel the heat of summer, the lush colors of fall, and the sudden silence of winter. Witness the ever-happening change across the seasons that seems to underlie a magical rhythm.

A rhythm we do follow, too, and all too often forget. So let’s remember once more.

Reviews And Feedback
  • “…Review - Haiku From The Garden Of Wisdom. fantastic addition to my meditation practice”
  • “… truly empowering”
  • “… filled with hope and life affirmations”


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